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a man with raised arms faces away from the camera speaking to a large seated crowd, all wearing black T-shirts, outdoors on a sunny day

Vision & Mission



Led by community members of diverse incomes and backgrounds, we develop quality housing, create economic opportunities, and foster civic engagement in North Central Massachusetts.

Vision Statement

We envision healthy neighborhoods where residents choose to live, work and invest.

Core Values

Excellence. We promote a results-driven culture that creates exceptional service, experiences and outcomes.

Community. We recognize that the community always comes first, and this value drives our policies and practices.

Accountability. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Empowerment. We harness the collective power of residents in our neighborhoods and properties so that together we can accomplish our dreams.

Leadership. We are a catalyst for change in the community by being innovative, thoughtful, and proactive.

NewVue's Pledge

  • To serve the people who live in our region, and to be led by them;
  • To listen, but also to act;
  • To be a center for intellectual capital;
  • To serve as an economic developer for those forgotten by our economy, and to be a champion of small businesses;
  • To work in partnership with residents, federal, state and local government, businesses and other non-profit agencies to address challenges or seize opportunities where we can add value
  • To be an expert not just in housing, but in homes, those places that are not just where we sleep at night, but places where we live.