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In addition to our new name, we have re-energized our strategic focus.

Download our Strategic Direction Plan

Strategic Directions 2015–2019

Familiar and Expanded

As we transition from Twin Cities Community Development Corporation, serving Fitchburg and Leominster, to NewVue Communities, serving the North Central Massachusetts region.  Our members, board and staff have adopted the following pledge:

We Pledge:

  • To serve the people who live in our region, and to be led by them;
  • To listen, but also to act;
  • To be a center for intellectual capital;
  • To serve as an economic developer for those forgotten by our economy, and to be a champion of small businesses;
  • To work in partnership with residents, federal, state and local government, businesses and other non-profit agencies to address challenges or seize opportunities where we can add value; and
  • To be an expert not just in housing, but in homes, those places that are not just where we sleep at night, but places where we live.

For the next five years, four strategies will guide our work. Each strategy has key methods and actions outlined in order to implement our plan. 


We will serve our entire region. Since our founding, 35 years ago in the Cleghorn neighborhood of Fitchburg, we have been expanding. Now we take the next step in that journey as we serve all of North Central Massachusetts: Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner, and the nineteen other communities in our region. Our border will be fluid rather than fixed, so that we can serve additional adjacent communities as well. We expand because the region wants our service. But we will remain place-based, and we remain fundamentally a COMMUNITY development corporation.


We will build great neighborhoods. New Vue Communities builds great neighborhoods. A great neighborhood is not just a place, but a place we call home: with people, houses, schools, jobs, parks, and a complex web of values and cultures that makes the place itself unique. We believe that residents know how to make their neighborhoods great; and that as a community development corporation we can help catalyze residents’ energy and ideas into action. We focus on those neighborhoods where the private markets won’t invest, and where government can’t deliver on its own. We rebuild neighborhoods by helping to make them places where people will choose to live and businesses will want to locate. Building great neighborhoods takes all of the Agency’s resources and more. That is why we are a partner in Fitchburg’s effort to Re-Imagine North of Main.


We will lead and innovate. We will drive change throughout our region with new ideas and bold solutions. We will challenge convention and lead innovative projects that catalyze change for residents and neighborhoods. We will use the resources entrusted to us to take calculated risks to make our region better. We will use the best ideas we find and work with our national, state and local partners to bring intellectual and financial capital to our region. We will lead based on evidence and facts—identifying and understanding trends and markets, convening and working with local partners to improve policy and develop creative solutions. We will invest in partnerships, marshal resources, and seek impact beyond the scope of our work. We will learn how to make our communities (and particularly the housing we develop) healthier. We will have a seat at the table to solve problems related to housing and economic development in the region as a whole, and in individual communities.


We will invest in the sustainability of our organization and our region. As we work to create a positive future, we must invest in both the sustainability of our organization in all its facets, as well as our region. With every decision, we will continue to build the Agency for a vibrant future. NewVue will seek to understand the region’s needs and find the resources to address these priorities. We will invest in our housing to make it green and healthy and implement these best practices in our office. Ultimately, the sustainability of NewVue and the community will come from fostering collaborative partnerships and relationships that allow us to accomplish more than any single group can on its own.