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NewVue Communities supports projects spearheaded by our committed steward leaders. Here are some of the current initiative. Interested in learning more about the Steward Leadership program? Contact Francisco Ramos, Director of Community Organizing, at

Salsa on the Riverfronta man and a woman stand outdoors, touching their palms together midair between them

Event organized by Health Steward Emmanuella Demosthenes and by Marissa Monteiro, Salsa Instructor. Event focused on promoting active living and use of our local parks. Check back for upcoming dates.

Inform Fitchburg

Project organized by Public Education Stewards, for parents by parents, to train and educate parents of children attending public schools in Fitchburg to equip them to meaningfully participate in their children’s education.

The Fitchburg Arts Collective

Creative project organized by Art Stewards to rent affordable studio spaces, and community space, for local artists in the Fitchburg, Massachusetts downtown area.

a sidewalk outdoor art display with large pink stripes painted on the concrete ground, on a sunny day