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a smiling man and woman in red T-shirts, holding a small girl, stand in front of the entrance to a large barn where multi-colored ears of corn are hanging on a rack
The Lattanzi’s at Hollis Hills Farm got technical assistance to expand their farming business.

Small Business

Over the past six years the NewVue Communities has worked with over 600 small businesses to help them grow. Those small business owners have created or preserve over 1,200 jobs and secured 88 loans totaling $6 million.

We work with all types of small businesses, from farms and grocery stores to artists and accounting firms. Our program focuses mainly on micro-enterprises (businesses with 5 or fewer employees).

If you need assistance starting or growing your small business call or email
Ray Belanger, Director of Small Business Assistance

For initial intake appointments call or email
The Small Business Team


Small business is the heart and soul of America’s economy. Many new Americans come to this country with an entrepreneurial vision. Many others already own their own business and want it to grow. Others have always dreamed of owning their own business. They may know a skill: cutting hair, a high tech start up, running a farm, but need help turning that idea or skill into a business that will be profitable. That is where we come in. Some of the services that we offer are:

One-on-One Technical Assistance: Each business is unique, so we provide one-on-one technical assistance to businesses throughout the region to help them grow or stabilize their business. The focus of our work is to develop a realistic business plan that will help grow a business, obtain more capital or provide a proof of concept for a start up.
Credit Initiative: We work with small businesses to help them access the best available credit that they can access and improve their credit. For businesses that can’t quality for loans at a market lender, we will help them obtain a loan through an alternative lender such as the North Central Development Corporation.
Build Thriving Downtowns: We work with cities of Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner and other communities in our region to develop thriving downtown businesses.
Rural Initiative: We are working with farmers and other food businesses in the western rural part of our region to help them grow their business.
Calling Creatives: We have a strong interest in the Creative Economy. We have a special interest and expertise assisting artists and other members of the creative economy.


Hollis Hills Farm: (Pictured Above) Jim and Allison Lattanzi received assistance in preparing and executing the move of the farm to its current location on Marshall Road in Fitchburg.
Red Apple Farm: Al and Nancy Rose received assistance to expand their business from Phillipston to other parts of the state through collaborations with Wachusett Mountain and Boston Public Market.

Hear from some of our clients in their own words about how they worked with NewVue Communities.

NewVue Communities Small Business Technical Assistance program is funded, in part, by Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation.Mass Growth Capital Logo

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