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NewVue Communities is proud to offer the following services FREE to its residents.

It is never to early to work on your financial health and Resident Services Coordinator Brenda is here to help you get it all figured out. This is one of the many great benefits of living in one of our properties.

  • Financial Coaching & Budgeting – whether you’ve always worked with a budget or have never worked with a budget we can assist with new ideas or getting you started.
  • Eviction Prevention – we can help you make a budget to get caught up on your rent and stay up to date.
  • Credit Counseling – credit is something we all have questions about, let us help you learn all about credit and how it works.

To learn more and take advantage of these services contact:

Brenda Piccard-Muniz
Resident Services Coordinator

a man and 2 women stand indoors in front of the counter of Bank Hometown
Roland getting set up with his bank account at bankHometown.

“Yes, because it works!” was his response when asked if he would recommend NewVue’s financial coaching services after working with our certified coach for over a year and a half.
Roland has been a tenant in one of NewVue’s properties since 2012. He was living on a fixed income and wasn’t bankable because of his prior banking history. In 2016, due to a glitch in the system, the income that he relied on to pay his rent wasn’t available, he fell two months behind. Due to nonpayment, he was given a notice of eviction. He was urged to start financial coaching with Brenda, our Resident Services Coordinator and financial coach. While working with Brenda he was able to rectify the issue and began to receive his benefits again, and he was able to repay the back rent, successfully completing a court-ordered payment plan. He continued to work with Brenda, setting new goals as he progressed. He attended a financial coaching workshop where he was able to talk with our sponsor and guest speaker, Cindy Walker from bankHometown. He set up an appointment and met with Cindy, explained his banking history which was currently holding him back from opening an account. She was able to work with him, and he is now banking with bankHometown. Since then he has also gotten a part-time job to help improve his financial stability. Through his new financial habits he has also increased his credit score by 40 points in 6 months and has started to save $50 every other week, already saving a total of $550. Roland continues to work with Brenda setting new goals as his financial habits change. Currently he is working to become more credit worthy and continue his habit of savings.
Brenda asked Roland, “How does it feel to be saving each month?” he replied “it’s like waking up in the morning and going to work,” “can you explain” she asked.
He simply answered “it’s become routine.”