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NewVue Communities supports the leadership development of community members through our Stewards Leadership Training Program. Trainings are designed to meet the shared interests/needs as voiced by those involved in community engagement. Interested in learning more? Contact Francisco Ramos, Director of Community Organizing at

Civic Ambassador Stewards Training

Civic engagement is the connections people have with their communities and the ways in which citizens actively participate in making a difference in issues of public conern by using their education, values, and skills. It can take many forms such as volunteering, service-learning, electoral participation, working in government, and activism. 16-hour training. The next training will  be offered: October 28 – December 16, 2021.  Thursdays, 6pm –8pm. Course Details

Environmental Stewards Program

Join others from across our region who want to become educated and empowered about environmental justice.  Help us build continuity between environmentalists of different generations. 12- hour training. November 2 – December 7, 2021. Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 8 pmCourse Details

Entrenamiento de Promotoras Financieras

Acompanenos y aprenda como preparar un presupuesto para su hogar, como ahorrar en forma efectiva, como reparar su reporte de credito, como comprar su primer casa propia… y mas!! Este entrenamiento es para usted, es GRATIS y es virtual, usted puede participar desde la comodidad de su hogar!! El curso incluye una sesion semanal de dos horas todos los miercoles, de las 6:00 pm a las 8:00 pm, del 27 de Octubre al 15 de Diciembre.  Esquema del Curso


Check back to see if one of these topics is scheduled.

Health Stewards

Training community residents to take control of their health, to develop healthy lifestyles, and to improve the health of their local community. 16-hour training. 

Clinton Community Stewards

Learning about all the services and programs available in the greater Clinton area for you and your family. 12-hour training

Mental Health Peer Stewards

Training individuals to take better care of their mental health needs, and the mental health needs in the community. 16-hour training