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Infographic: Beat the Odds with Housing Counseling. Homeowner’s net worth 36 times greater than renter’s. Am I ready to buy a house? Housing counseling may be the answer. One third of homebuyers underestimate their total household debt. Housing counseling provides expert advice to help you: Create manageable budgets. Set realistic financial goals. Improve your credit score. Avoid delinquency on debt. Does Housing Counseling Work? Borrowers who use HUD-approved housing counseling: 30% lower odds of foreclosures. 283% more likely to receive loan modifications. In 2015, HUD Housing Counseling helped: Prevent 92,000+ foreclosures. Improve 178,000+ finances. Create 403,000+ budgets. Counsel over 1.3 million households. Where do I start? Call 1-800-569-4287 or visit to find an agency in your community. Over 2,000 HUD approved agencies.