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illustration of a house covered in housing-themed words in varying sizes and colors



No matter who you are, housing counseling is essential to sustainable homeownership. NeighborWorks® Homeownership Center of North Central Massachusetts has certified counselors that are here to help you, whether it is to purchase your first home or to get help maintaining or preserving your current home.

Our HUD Certified Housing Counselors are here to assist you. We will help you to:

Buy Your Home

Maintain Your Home

Keep Your Home

Financial Coaching

  • Financial Coaching: Program designed to help families and individuals with information and support that will empower them to achieve their financial goals. You and your coach will create a personalized path that is relevant to your financial situation.

To talk to one of our HUD Certified Housing Counselors today, call 888-978-6261 or email

Infographic: Beat the Odds with Housing Counseling. Homeowner’s net worth 36 times greater than renter’s. Am I ready to buy a house? Housing counseling may be the answer. One third of homebuyers underestimate their total household debt. Housing counseling provides expert advice to help you: Create manageable budgets. Set realistic financial goals. Improve your credit score. Avoid delinquency on debt. Does Housing Counseling Work? Borrowers who use HUD-approved housing counseling: 30% lower odds of foreclosures. 283% more likely to receive loan modifications. In 2015, HUD Housing Counseling helped: Prevent 92,000+ foreclosures. Improve 178,000+ finances. Create 403,000+ budgets. Counsel over 1.3 million households. Where do I start? Call 1-800-569-4287 or visit to find an agency in your community. Over 2,000 HUD approved agencies.