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2 women and a man hold a banner with the NewVue Communities logo indoors with a projector screen partially visible in the background



NewVue Communities was founded in 1979 in the Cleghorn Neighborhood of Fitchburg to help save jobs in that area. The organization expanded its territory in 1985 to encompass all of Fitchburg and again in 1996 to include its “twin city” of Leominster and changed its name to Twin Cities Community Development Corporation.


In 2015, we partnered with the Greater Gardner Community Development Corporation to expand to serve all of North Central Massachusetts and we changed our name to NewVue Communities —to better reflect our vision and expanded service territory.


NewVue’s service area now consists of North Central Massachusetts, stretching about 40 miles along the Route 2 corridor from Harvard to Athol. This area of the state has a unique identity distinct from the Boston Metro region to the east and Worcester to the south.
Since inception, NewVue Communities has focused on economic development strategies, affordable housing and community organizing, to more effectively harness the energy and voice of the community.

New Name

New:  What’s new in NewVue Communities? A regional approach to community development in North Central Massachusetts, NewVue will be serving people in communities from Athol to Harvard.  While the area stretch is new, our reach is built on a 30-plus year history of successfully serving the economic development needs of the people of Fitchburg and Leominster. Now we will deliver this economic development know how now in a boundary that is fluid, rather than fixed, taking on regional projects in the rural and bedroom communities as well as its urban centers of Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner.

Communities: Our core goal, however, is to deliver economic development services on the ground in each community and neighborhood of our region. A core tenet of that mission is that residents who live in the community and neighborhoods we serve know how to make their lives, neighborhoods and region better.  We begin our community and neighborhood specific work-organizing residents to analyze strength and weaknesses and develop plans. In these efforts we help neighbors build partnerships with local businesses and institutional players like local and state government and non-profit social services providers. We bring our own particular skill in how to gain state and federal assistance to improve neighborhood housing, both self-owned and tenant based. On a regional level, we provide first time homeowners with strategies for success, we assist existing owners with lead paint removal, and we provide small business assistance to help new Americans entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality. These are the ways we seek to Build Great Neighborhoods.

Vue: Having a vision helps you to climb mountains. And once atop, a boundless view is opened to you. Old towns and neighborhoods become places where people choose to live, work and invest. It is a view all can share.

We spell our view differently because it is. A mountain top view built from the ground up by residents with their partners in business, social services and government.

NewVue Communities:  When you put it all together, we will make sustainable progress together in giving people the skills to prosper and build their neighborhoods into healthy places to live, learn and grow.