Here at NewVue Communities, we are dedicated to help you navigate through the path of homeownership. As a certified housing counseling agency we work with individuals and families who are thinking about purchasing a home. We believe that the more knowledge and information an individual has, the more empowered they will be as they go through the process of purchasing a home.

We have several opportunities for future homeowners to gain homebuyer services:

  • Homebuyer Orientation:¬†FREE, 90-minute course to hear some of the basics of homebuying. Good for those at least 2 years from buying.

  • Individual Pre-Purchase Coaching: FREE, by appointment, in-person. Good for someone who may have unique circumstances.

  • First Time Homebuyer Classes¬†– Two Options: In-person (9 hour course offered over 3 days, $50 per household) OR Online (at your leisure, $100 per household). A non-refundable payment is required for homebuyer education course registration.

Studies show that homeownership classes work; that is why MassHousing and Massachusetts Housing Partnership offer you a loan with as low as a 3% down payment if you complete one of our classes.

To talk to one of our HUD Certified Housing Counselors today, call 888-978-6261 or email

To Register for the in-person or online homebuyer class, click here.

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